Issue 129 Preview:

Welcome to the October 2020 issue of the ACM SIGACCESS newsletter. The following seven articles describe the research work of the students who attended the ASSETS 2020 Doctoral Consortium:

Using Social Robots to Create Inclusive Classroom Experiences for Children with Mixed Visual Abilities by Isabel Neto

Empirical Web Accessibility Evaluation for Blind Web Users by Alexander Hambley

Designing Multisensory Experiences for Users With Different Reading Abilities Visiting a Museum by Leandro Soares Guedes

Non-Visual Composing and Coding by William C. Payne

Utilising Digital Services to Empower the Unpaid Carers of Individuals With Long-term Complex Needs by Peter Glick

Accessible Interactive 3d Models for Blind and Low-Vision People by Samuel Reinders

AI Assistive Technology for Extending Sighted Guiding by Beatrice Vincenzi

A Model for the Individual Empowerment Using Intrinsic Personalization of Crowdsourcing Tasks by Dennis Paulino

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