SIGACCESS is a dynamic and exciting organisation for researchers, professionals, academics, and students working with or interested in computers and accessibility. To facilitate the sharing of information among the diverse group of people that make up group, the SIG provides a number of resources that can be used by the community.

The Thesis Repository maintains information about Ph.D. and Master’s theses related to assistive technologies, computer access, and the application of computing and information technology in solving relevant disability problems.

General Writing Guidelines reflects current thinking on language for writing in the academic accessibility community. Certain words or phrases can (intentionally or unintentionally) reflect bias or negative, disparaging, or patronizing attitudes toward people with disabilities and in fact any identifiable group of people. Choosing language that is neutral, accurate, and represents the preference of the groups to which it refers can convey respect and integrity.

Planning an Accessible Conference contains information for organizers of academic conferences who wish to make their events as accessible as possible, so that people with disabilities can participate fully.

Conflict of Interest details under what circumstances participation in a discussion or decision on the relevant issue is deemed inappropriate.