Currently the World Wide Web is visual-centric with web sites often being designed only with the presentation of data in mind. A consequence of this design perspective is that information contained within the data is only accessible implicitly through the layout of the web page, rather than explicitly through the data itself. While this implicit knowledge is relatively easy to access for sighted users, it is often difficult to access for visually impaired computer users. This project describes an investigation into a way of allowing visually impaired computer users the same access to information on the World Wide Web as sighted computer users. By using ontologies to capture the semantics of the CSS Stylesheets and XHTML, the implicit information contained within a web page can be reordered and manipulated into an explicit form that better suits the needs of visually impaired users.

Full Thesis:
Download Darren Lunn’s Full Thesis

Thesis Advisor:
Simon Harper and Sean Bechhofer

Award Date:
September 1, 2005

The University of Manchester
Manchester, UK

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