An Empirical Investigation of Ways in Which Some of the Problems Encountered by Some Dyslexics May Be Alleviated Using Computer Techniques

Peter Gregor and Alan F. Newell


University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland


This research describes the development of a highly configurable word processing environment to alleviate some of the difficulties encountered by dyslexics when producing and reading text. It also describes a pragmatic, empirical methodology, closely involving dyslexic users, which has proved highly effective.

All dyslexic subjects tested were able to use the software to identify and store a configuration of background and foreground colour, text typeface and font, and spacing between characters, words and lines which they found easier to read than the default settings. Successful tests were also carried out to investigate the use of different appearances (font, colour etc.) to alleviate character recognition and reversal problems.

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