Thesis Repository

SIGACCESS promotes the interests of professionals working on research and development of computing and information technology to help persons with disabilities. This repository is provided as a resource for PhD and Masters degree candidates, researchers, scientists, and engineers who are actively pursuing advanced research in hypertext and hypermedia.

A Power and Reliability Model for Error Prone Technologies: Improving Speech-Based Support for Spatial Navigation

A power and reliability model (PRM) was proposed, which expands on traditional theories to more effectively address all three types of errors.

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Appearance-Based Gesture Recognitions

This diploma thesis investigates the use of appearance-based features for the recognition of gestures using video input

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An Exploration of the Nature of Assistive Technology Interventions for people with Motor Neurone Disease

This study documents and critically assesses the processes of referral, assessment and training in the use of computer-based assistive technology of clients with MND undertaken by Abilitynet, a specialist UK-based charity.

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Text Legibility for Web Documents and Low Vision

Insight to aid designers in producing legible, effective electronic displays for a wide audience

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