Best Paper

The SIGACCESS Best Paper Award is presented to the individual(s) judged by an awards committee to have written the best paper appearing in the ASSETS conference proceedings. Recipients are presented with a certificate from ACM
at the conference.

2006 Best Paper

Improvements In Vision-Based Pointer Control

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2005 Best Paper

Representing Coordination and Non-Coordination in an American Sign Language Animation

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2004 Best Paper

Text Entry From Power Wheelchairs: EdgeWrite for Joysticks and Touchpads

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2002 Best Paper

Site-Wide Annotation: Reconstructing Existing Pages to Be Accessible

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1998 Best Paper

User Interface of a Home Page Reader

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2000 Best Paper

An Empirical Investigation of Ways in Which Some of the Problems Encountered by Some Dyslexics May Be Alleviated Using Computer Techniques

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