Is there an ASSETS paper, published in 2009 or earlier, that has influenced your work? If so, please email the title and authors, and a brief statement summarizing the paper’s impact, to, as soon as possible, and before August 1. We’ll use the information you provide in the selection process for this year’s SIGACCESS ASSETS Paper Impact Award (see

Nominating the paper involves sending a brief statement summarizing the paper’s impact, the significance of the work, and justification of the nomination (two pages maximum), and up to three endorsements supporting the nomination and describing the significant contributions of the paper. Each endorsement should be no more than 300 words. So endorsements are welcome, and will strengthen your nomination, but feel free to nominate a paper without lining up endorsements.

To jog your memory, there is a list of most cited ASSETS papers. Note that the papers “Designing for dynamic diversity: interfaces for older people”, “User Interface of a Home Page Reader”, and “Providing access to graphical user interfaces—not graphical screens” have already been recognized. In addition you can visit and look for papers at ASSETS in the appropriate time range. You aren’t limited to these lists: if there is a paper that has influenced you, we’d like to hear about it.

Thank you for your help in making this important award!

The ASSETS 2019 Impact Award Selection Committee:

Kathy McCoy (Chair), University of Delaware
Chieko Asakawa, IBM Research and Carnegie-Mellon University
Simon Harper, University of Manchester