Issue 126 Preview:
Welcome to the January 2020 issue of the ACM SIGACCESS newsletter. This issue highlights the ACM ASSETS 2019 Doctoral Consortium and presents a report on the efforts made to make the poster and demo session accessible. Additionally, you will find an report by Access SIGCHI on the status of accessibility practices and policies within SIGCHI.
The following five articles describe the research work of the students who attended the ASSETS 2019 Doctoral Consortium:

  • Comprehensive Accessibility of Equations by Visually Impaired by Akashdeep Bansal, M. Balakrishnan and Volker Sorge.
  • Approaches for Creating Therapy Games by Jared Duval.
  • Empowering People with Dementia to Share and Socialize by Jiamin Dai.
  • Interactive Computational Tools for Assessing and Understanding Urban Accessibility at Scale by Manaswi Saha.
  • Making Block-based Programming Accessible to People with Cognitive Disabilities by Varsha Koushik.

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