Issue 122 Preview:
Welcome to the October 2018 issue of the ACM SIGACCESS newsletter. This issue features three interesting articles investigating different topics within the accessibility field that include multiple user groups ranging from Deaf and hard of hearing and low-vision users to people with intellectual disabilities. The issue is also rich and diverse in terms of technologies: automatic speech recognition, head-mounted displays, and e-textiles. The first two articles are provided by the recipients of last year ASSETS best paper awards.

In the first article, Kafle and Huenerfauth describe an automatic caption quality evaluation metric that is intrinsically important when evaluating Automatic Speech Recognition systems. The authors designed and validated the metric through user studies and real-world observations with Deaf and Hard of Hearing users. In the second article, Zolyomi and Snyder report on an inquiry study with low-vision people about their daily use of a head-mounted assistive device (eSight 2.0). Based on their results, the authors introduce the novel concept of multiplicities to highlight that sight is not a single construct for all people in all situations. In the final article, Gotfrid and Shinohara stress the need to include people with disabilities in the design and development of e-textiles. They conducted a pilot study that explored accessible processes to enable individuals with intellectual disabilities to create their own e-textiles.

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