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Welcome to the June 2018 issue of the ACM SIGACCESS newsletter. This issue highlights three articles related to accessible computing.

IAAP Certification – A Tool for Advancing Your Digital Accessibility Strategies

Sharon Spencer

In the first article, Sharon Spencer presents the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) to the SIGACCESS community and describe its major goals.

Autism and the Web: Using Web-searching Tasks to Detect Autism and Improve Web Accessibility

Victoria Yaneva, Le An Ha, Sukru Eraslan, Yeliz Yesilada

In the second article, following her Best Technical Paper Award at W4A 2018, Victoria Yaneva presents her research on using gaze data from web-related tasks to address two problems: improving web accessibility for people with autism and detecting autism automatically.

Beyond Screen and Voice: Augmenting Aural Navigation with Screenless Access

Mikaylah Gross, Davide Bolchini

Lastly, in the third article, Mikaylah Gross and Davide Bolchini describe their recent work on enabling blind and visually impaired users to interact touch-free with aural information through an off-the-shelf armband. Their work was nominated as a Best Technical Paper Award at W4A 2018.

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