SIGACCESS Newsletter

André Rodrigues, Editor-in-Chief, University of Lisbon,

Inside this Issue

Welcome to the June 2020 issue of the ACM SIGACCESS newsletter. In this issue first article, SIGACCESS calls upon its research community for proposals to combat racism and ableism within computer science. The second article highlights the largest ASSETS yet, marking the 25th anniversary since the first conference in 1994, the 2019 edition in Pittsburgh. The third article provides an overview of the discussions that took place at the 2019 CSCW workshop on Addressing the Accessibility of Social Media. The last article by Rhonda et al. discusses how Computational Ethnography could enhance AI Fairness, the work was presented in the 2019 ASSETS workshop on AI Fairness.

SIGACCESS is Called to Action

Black Lives Matter. The SIGACCESS Executive Committee stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and rejects racism, both personal and institutional, while acknowledging that we have much to learn and unlearn. In this article SIGACCESS calls on the community for proposals how to best tackle racism and ableism in accessibility research. What do you think are the priority actions that will broaden participation in SIGACCESS and create a supportive, welcoming, safe and inclusive community? What initiatives could you contribute to?

ASSETS 2019 Overview

Conference logo showing a bridge, its reflection, and text that reads: ASSETS 2019, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, October 28th to 30th, 2019.

The first article, written by Jeffrey P. Bigham (General Chair), Shiri Azenkot (Program Chair) and Shaun Kane (Program Chair) provides an overview of the ASSETS'19 conference.

Addressing the Accessibility of Social Media - Workshop at CSCW 2019