Input Accessibility: A Large Dataset and Summary Analysis of Age, Motor Ability and Input Performance


Leah FindlaterLotus Zhang


University of Washington


Age and motor ability are well-known to impact input performance. Past work examining these factors, however, has tended to focus on samples of 20-40 participants and has binned participants into a small set of age groups (e.g., “younger” vs. “older”). To foster a more nuanced understanding of how age and motor ability impact input performance, this short paper contributes: (1) a dataset from a large-scale study that captures input performance with a mouse and/or touchscreen from over 700 participants, as well as (2) summary analysis of a subset of 318 participants who range in age from 18 to 83 years old and of whom 53% reported a motor impairment. The analysis demonstrates the continuous relationship between age and input performance for users with and without motor impairments, but also illustrates that knowing a user’s age and self-reported motor ability should not lead to assumptions about their input performance. The dataset, which contains mouse and touchscreen input traces, should allow for further exploration by other researchers.

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