Issue 119 Preview:
Welcome to the October issue of the ACM SIGACCESS newsletter. This issue highlights three articles that tackle the challenges faced by visually impaired people through a variety of different approaches, ranging from educational games and artificial intelligence to smartglasses applications. In the first article, Barbara Leoporini and Eleonora Palmucci present an accessible mobile educational game and investigate issues related to gesture input and enjoyment when accessing information via screen reader. In the second article, Hernisa Kacorri explores a novel approach of empowering end-users to personalize technology by consciously providing training examples and actively interacting with machine learning algorithms to increase their accuracy. In the third article, Shiri Azenkot and Yuhang Zhao discuss their ongoing research on designing augmented reality applications for low vision users. Particularly, they provide an overview of three research projects that illustrate their research agenda.

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