Issue 110 Preview:
Welcome to September 2014 SIGACCESS newsletter. Following his recent SIGCHI Social Impact Award, Richard Ladner writes a very personal article on his path to become a full-on accessibility researcher. Indeed, a very interesting reading on the why’s and how’s of his career shift from mathematics and theoretical computer science to accessibility. Along the way he leaves us with useful advices and noteworthy experiences. The second article describes BESiDE, an UK-based project, established within the context of older people’s care environments. The fundamental aim is to provide understanding towards defining the enabling and disabling elements of the built environment. The author provides an overview of on-going research, initial findings, and future work. In the third and last article, authors from University of Tokyo and IBM Research – Tokyo – describe a platform called “Senior Cloud” that supports a novel social model where seniors play an active role in society.

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